Google and OK Go team up in HTML 5 interactive video

See some HTML 5 in action in this OK Go music video, created by Google. It's meant to be viewed in the Chrome browser.

For a cool demonstration of HTML 5 in action, try out the interactive music video created by Google, the dance troupe Pilobolus, and musicians OK Go. From CBS News What's Trending:

Google has showcased HTML 5 in this fashion in the past. In May, you might remember the Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi music video by Chris Milk that created an imaginative, interactive experience titled "3 Dreams in Black" for the track "Black," off the album "Rome."

You can watch the embedded video below, but you should really go to the official interactive site All is Not Lost to get the full effect. Type in any message (I typed in the extremely imaginative "hello") and see how your message is spelled out in the music video. Note: This site should be viewed with Chrome.

You may also remember OK Go from their viral hit video featuring a fantastic Rube Goldberg machine: This Too Shall Pass.