Web design inspiration: Sports websites

Ryan Boudreaux chooses the 31 sports websites that he thinks exhibits great web design qualities.

Sports related websites fall under various segments, industries, interests, and also vary from country and region around the globe. Some are sports news related, several are about sports gambling, others are team websites, and several famous sports figures also have their own sites. Then there are sports-related products that get mention as well.

One aspect that sets this list of sports websites apart from the fray is their creative use of images, graphics, and sports-related photography. Typically sports teams and sports products will focus on large, flashy, and unique graphics built into their web design. Many of the sports websites will typically contain the latest news feeds that keep fans up to date on the latest scores, player updates, and team progress, even behind the scenes activity for the avid follower.

As you will notice many of the sports websites have a featured content area typically at the top near navigation, or on a top level sidebar with the latest news or most recent action from previous games or sporting events.

I picked 31 sports-related websites that I thought exhibited the best characteristics of good design. See the full gallery here: 31 top-notch sports websites. Below is the list, in alphabetical order:

Have you spotted any sports websites that you think are particularly innovative with their design?

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