Microsoft Works

Now that OpenOffice 2.0 has

finally shipped

and Microsoft has released Office 12 into

beta, a lot of noise has cropped up around office suites. Even competitors

you haven’t heard of in a long time such as the WordPerfect Office Suite are

making news again. One of the more interesting articles I saw, was where

Microsoft is embedding ads into certain of its office

products such as Microsoft Works.

Works, as you probably know, is Microsoft’s entry level

office suite. Running an older version of Microsoft Word and some

Works-specific spreadsheets and databases, Works is supposed to give people who

buy computers some software to get basic work done after they buy a low-end

machine. I don’t know of any small business that actually runs on Microsoft

Works. It’s aimed purely at the entry-level home user.

Even so, it’s interesting that Microsoft is considering

embedding ads into the software. They’re still mulling about how it would work.

I assume it would be something similar to the way that Opera used to do it on

their web browser – you’d have a banner at the top by the menu bar. But I’m

sure Bill has something much more clever in mind.

What's kind of amazing in that article is the fact that Micrsoft

only makes $2 on each copy of Works that it bundles with PCs. Of

course, spread out over probably millions of machines that come with

Works preinstalled, you're talking real money. But even so Bill

probably has that much loose change in his couch at home.

For now, I guess enjoy that ‘free’ software that come with

your computer. It’s possible that soon your office suite and your operating

system itself could start popping ads up while you’re trying to work. It’s even

possible that Microsoft software could be brought to you by TechProGuild