Viruses don

Virus infections seem to be like natural disasters. They hit

and make a big splash in the news, and then you never hear anything else about

them. As if after the virus has been released, anti-virus vendors come up with

a fix and you never hear about the virus again. Naturally things like that

never happen.

This became crystal clear for a company that I do some IT

support for.  The company hadn’t had me

over for a while and some things need to be done. The office manager had been

having some problems visiting certain Web sites and she hadn’t been able to

view some images on sites whether she used Firefox or IE.

First thing I did was have her show me. She fires up a

browser and goes to enter the URL for the site in question. While she’s typing,

I look down to her task bar and notice that her anti-virus isn’t running.

You can see where the story’s going without me finishing it.

I quickly determined that she was infected with the Bagle-W worm and several

other variations thereof. After a while of trying to eradicate it, I finally

just wound up reinstalling Windows XP.

Bagle-W is old news. It debuted around mid-2004. When I last

checked her machine in the late fall, it was fine, so that means that somebody

forgot to remind the worm that it wasn’t supposed to still be infecting

machines. It just goes to show that you can never feel safe about catching a

virus just because you hadn’t heard about it for a while.