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If you surf around the Web long enough, you find all sorts

of little things that people have done to break Windows. Recently, I was

checking out a blog and saw this title:  How to Break Windows Notepad.It seems like if you type the string “this app can break”

(No quotes) into Notepad, save the file, and then double-click the file to

reopen it in Notepad, all you get is a string of boxes. You can see the results


Goofy notepad

It’s an actual bug, not just cosmetic. If you do a search

for any of the words in the string, you won’t find them. Changing the font won’t

help either.  The boxes won’t disappear.  However, if you try the same trick but type “this

app can’t break” everything works fine.

Do you know of any other Windows quirks and bugs

like that? Let’s see how many we can list.