Longtime TechRepublic members will remember Jack Wallen,

Jr.  The self-described “poster boy for the

Linux revolution”, Jack was the Senior Editor on TechProGuild who was in charge

of Linux content for the site. Jack lived and breathed Linux. So much so that at

one point, he crashed the entire TechRepublic office with one measly Linux box. But that’s another story…

Jack has had a long and winding road since leaving TechRepublic,

but now he’s back in his original form. Jack first started with TechRepublic by

writing a Linux column called “Get Jack’d” that discussed using Linux as a Microsoft

alternative. Then he wrote and

edited Linux content for the site. Now he’s back on TechRepublic once again with

“Get Jack’d”,

but this time in the form of a TechRepublic Blog.

Whether you’re a Linux fanatic yourself, just learning Linux,

or are just looking for a unique point of view, Jack’s blog is the place to start.

Welcome back, Jack!