BUILD Windows keynote address best way to see Windows 8

The best way to get a good feel for Windows 8 is by viewing the opening keynote address.

As I am sure you have noticed, the BUILD Windows conference has generated a significant amount of new information about Microsoft Windows 8. And, while BUILD is really designed as a conference for application developers, there is plenty of information for potential users of Windows 8 to glean from what goes on there.

One of the best ways to get a good feel for what Windows 8 is and what Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be is by viewing the opening keynote address. The primary presenter, Steven Sinofsky, does a good job of showing what Windows 8 is all about.


I am installing Windows 8 on a test machine right now, and I will share some screenshots very soon, but until then, here are some other resources you might want to check out:

By Mark Kaelin

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