Eliminating frustration with key remapping

I recently published two posts in the How do I... blog showing how to disable or change keys that annoy and frustrate so many people.

First was a post on how to disable the Insert key in Microsoft Word to prevent accidentally toggling the overtype mode. I have done that many times myself, so I know first hand how frustrating that can be.

The discussion-thread stemming from that post led to another key on a standard keyboard that many people find annoying -- the Caps Lock. I explained how to use a free tool from Microsoft to remap the Caps Lock key to something less annoying.

I was surprised how many people feel frustrated by the standard keyboard. For me, both keys do occasionally annoy me, causing me to retype or otherwise fiddle with the text I just typed, but I have never been motivated enough to do something about it. But writing those two blog posts, and discovering how easy it is to change how those keys work, has opened my eyes. I don't have to put up with keys on my keyboard that annoy me -- I can change things.

I wonder what other minor annoyances, ones that I have been complacent about, I can and should change. Do you have a minor annoyance in Windows that you want to eliminate?