Enjoy your weekend because a huge Patch Tuesday looms on the horizon

The June Microsoft Patch Tuesday is supposed to be huge and nasty, count on Justin James's in-depth analysis on patch day to get you through it safely.

According to the Zero Day Blog over on our sister website ZDNet, the June Microsoft Patch Tuesday is going to be a real whopper, with over 16 security bulletins touching just about every piece of the Microsoft's software. And of those, nine are rated as critical.

Just as we have been doing for the past three years or so, Justin James will provide detailed analysis of each and every patch on Tuesday in the TechRepublic Windows Blog. Justin will tell you which of the patches are truly critical and which can wait for your regular update cycle. Look for the post in the late afternoon.

In the meantime, think pleasant thoughts and calm the mind.

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By Mark Kaelin

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