Get Vista drive icons in Windows XP

If you've dabbled with Windows Vista, you have probably noticed that the drive icons in Computer accompany a visual representation of the drive's capacity. This bar chart-type gauge shows the amount free and used space on the disk, allowing you to see at a glance the amount of space that you have available on your drive. In Windows XP, you have to select the drive and hover your mouse pointer over the icon to get that information in a text-based format. While this procedure really isn't that much of a hassle, you can now have Vista-like drive icons in Windows XP with Vista Drive Icon from

Vista Drive Icon is a free utility that will transform the drive icons in Windows XP's My Computer into drive icons that resemble those in Vista's Computer. Once installed, Vista Drive Icon will display a blue, glass-like bar underneath the drive icon. If the drive is close to getting full, the color changes to red.

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