Giving up on Linux and going back to Windows

I will be the first to admit that I am no Linux expert but that being said I must tell you that I am trying really hard to open my mind. Recently, I decided I would run Linux and picked several distributions. My goal was to run Linux and run VMware Workstation with Windows XP for anything I needed that Linux could not provide or that I could not configure.

Let me preface that I have over 10 years experience with Microsoft products and can work with almost all Microsoft Products with ease and have a good understanding. So after I loaded up several distributions of Linux, my next step was to configure my HP printer. This is where the frustration begins. I had a hard time finding a supported driver for HP. When I finally found the driver, and was able to configure the printer for my HP Deskjet 6840, I jumped up and down for joy. This lasted 5 seconds. I printed my first document and it spit out garble for 10 pages. Total time invested was 1.5 hours of reading and researching and I still cannot print.

My next task was to configure my wireless card. I could get wired Internet access via DHCP with ease but I could not configure my wireless card. I spent hours doing research and read all I can on ndisrapper only to find out that my Linksys SRX card was not supported and that Linksys (a child company of Cisco) does not support Linux at all. I called their outsourced support line lol. Total time invested 3 hours. I wonder how many wireless network cards will not work on Linux. At this point, I was so frustrated and discouraged; I simply gave up my Linux idea and went back to what simply works with no hassles: Windows. Linux frustrates me like crazy. I have several Linux virtual machines and I play with them constantly. With Windows installed and VMware Workstation, I can configure a wireless bridged connection for my Linux virtual machines and get Internet access fast and easy. This is my preferred method of learning Linux.

The point I am trying to make is that I just cannot live without Windows (despite its downfalls); it just works. When Linux works out all the kinks and we have a commitment that third-party vendors will create drivers and support Linux, I will be interested in trying again. For now I am going to stick with my faithful friend, Mr. Windows!