Hello Windows 7 and goodbye Windows XP?

In June 2009, Mark Kaelin suggested the end was coming for Windows XP and asked what you were going to do about it? He is still asking?

In June 2009, I suggested that it may be time for IT professionals and leaders to, at the very least, begin considering what to do after Windows XP is no longer a viable operating system choice for business. The results of the polls I used to gauge my hypothesis, found in the blog post titled "IT Professionals Will Not Drop Windows XP Quietly (if Ever)," revealed a strong reluctance to migrate away from XP for any other operating system at all.

But now that Microsoft Windows 7 has been released, I am wondering if that sentiment has been relaxed and if more of you are considering an operating system migration? So, here are a few more poll questions that we can use to assess where we stand as a community on this idea. Please, take a few moments to share your thoughts in the ensuing discussion thread, because we really want to know your thinking on this subject.

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