How do I configure support for GMAIL (IMAP) in Windows Vista Mail?

Do you want to migrate your email from another email client to Gmail? If so, you can now take advantage of IMAP support in Gmail. Here is how to configure Windows Mail to connect to Gmail. Once you have it configured, it is easy to migrate emails from Outlook. Simply drag and drop. Let's begin.

Open Gmail and click Settings (Figure A).

Figure A.

Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Click Enable IMAP and Save changes (Figure B).


Figure B.

Next, click the Start Orb and type Windows Mail in the Instant Search field. From the menu bar, click Tools | Accounts. Click Add and select Email Account (Figure C).

Figure C.

Enter applicable email name (Figure D).

Figure D.

Next, enter your email address (Figure E).

Figure E.

On the configuration page, enter the appropriate information as shown below (Figure F).

Figure F.

Now you are ready to input your Gmail username and password (Figure G).

Figure G.
You have finished the wizard. Please make sure to tick the Do not download my email and folders at this time. We still have to configure port numbers and SSL (Figure H).


Figure H.

Select your new account and choose Properties (Figure I).

Figure I.

Key in the information as shown below (Figure J).


Figure J.

You are now ready to securely download your Gmail messages (Figure K).

Figure K.

You have successfully configured IMAP support for Windows Vista Mail (Figure L).

Figure L.