How do I modify the Tip of the Day in VMware Workstation?

The Tip of the Day feature located at Help | Tip of the Day is a very good resource for a beginner. As a user you have the ability to create your own tips of the day by browsing to the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\messages\en folder and opening the tip_list.vmsg file in Notepad (see Figure A).


Figure A. Customizing the Tip of the Day.

Next, at the end of the file add the next sequential number and create a tip. For example, we will add the following line:

Tip.21 = "You can configure VMware Workstation 5 to work with clustering by configuring a shared disk and adding the correct parameters to the .vmx configuration file."

Figure B. displays the tip in the Tip of the Day format.


Figure B.

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