Microsoft shares its strange view of the Windows family again

Microsoft's holiday television advertising campaign shows everyone why it is a great time to be a family –- whatever that means.

I will be the first to admit that I don't know much about advertising. I know what it is, and I know that sometimes an advertisement will catch my attention. Heck, every so often, I may actually remember a product name because of a well-constructed advertisement.

I also know, and agree with many TechRepublic members who have posted in the discussion forums, that Microsoft does not always produce the most effective advertisements. Everyone flashback to Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates visiting people's homes.


Well, Microsoft is at it again, with a recent television advertising campaign that suggests "it is a great time to be a family." The series of holiday ads shows families enjoying each other's company while taking advantage of interactive and multimedia technology. Check it out:


Now, I will reiterate that I know little about advertising, but I don't understand what I am supposed to get from these ads. I mean, when has it not been a great time to be a family? Perhaps you can explain it to me. Is it a generational thing? Am I just too old to get it? Or is there no "it" to get? (Note the tiles at the end -- I did catch that.)

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By Mark Kaelin

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