More classic Microsoft commercials and videos you may have forgotten

Greg Shultz digs up more classic Microsoft commercials and videos you may have forgotten.

The first installment of "Classic Microsoft Commercials and Videos You May Have Forgotten" was such a hit that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit this topic. So without further ado, here are more classic Microsoft commercials and videos you may have forgotten.

Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer find an old IBM PC

In this commercial for Internet Explorer, which is a spin-off of a classic Volkswagen commercial, Bill and Steve drive around town while listening to the song "Da Da Da (I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha)" by the German band Trio and along the way pick up an old IBM computer.

Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer do Night at the Roxbury

In a spin-off of the Night at the Roxbury movie, Bill and Steve mimic Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell of Saturday Night Live as they drive to and from a congressional hearing about Windows 98 / Internet Explorer while listening to the song "What Is Love?"

Letterman's tribute to Bill Gates

In this classic David Letterman skit, the host pokes fun at Bill Gates soon after the June 15, 2006, Microsoft announcement that Gates will retire in July 2008.

The origin of [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]

For as long as you have been using a PC, you've been pressing [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]. It's just a fact of life with PCs. In this clip from a computer discussion panel, Dave Bradley of IBM reveals that while he is the creator of [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del], Gates was the one who made it famous.

Windows Media Center 2005 at CES

At CES 2005, Bill Gates endures a lengthy snafu while attempting to demo Windows Media Center as he sits with host Conan O'Brien.

Bill Gates gets pied-twice

In February 1998, Bill Gates was a entering a Flemish government building in Flanders to attend a meeting with government officials when a man jumped out and hit Bill in the face with a pie. The attack was caught on film by a news crew covering the event.

Steve Ballmer gets egged

At a presentation in Hungary, an angry student threw several eggs at Steve Ballmer as he protests the amount of money that Microsoft has made from its products. Burley Ballmer actually remains pretty calm about the whole matter.

This stuff is powerful

In this video collage, Microsoft pronounces that its software is powerful stuff.

The code in us all

In this well-done commercial, Microsoft touts the power of its innovative software to unlock the power of human potential.

The next three Windows 95 commercials appeared on the Windows 95 CD in the Funstuff folder.

Welcome to Windows 95 #1

In preparation for its big Windows 95 launch campaign, Microsoft contracted with famed animator Bill Plympton to create this unique commercial that features a butterfly which turns into a window.

Welcome to Windows 95 #2

Microsoft also contracted with famed animator Joan Gratz to create this unique commercial that begins with a cat jumping out of a window to explore an ever-changing landscape.

Welcome to Windows 95 #3

This interesting commercial begins with an image of Windows 3.x's Program Manager, which gets blown away by a tornado-like introduction to Windows 95.

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