Patriotic Windows Desktop wallpaper for Independence Day

In a previous blog post Greg Shultz showed you how to add Independence Day wallpaper. We kick it up a bit with a Photo Gallery of patriotic images.

Earlier this week, Greg Shultz showed us how he added a patriotic theme to his Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop for the United States Independence Day celebration. His blog post, "Add Windows 7 themes and backgrounds for the July 4th holiday," showed you how to add the images and create a Windows 7 slide show. However, I thought we'd take the idea a little further with a TechRepublic Photo Gallery of free patriotic images that you can pick and choose from for your own personalized Windows Desktop slideshow.

Check out the Patriotic Photo Gallery and let us know what you think. And, by all means, if you have other suggestions for wallpaper themes let us know. Do you have a good source of images? Perhaps you have some images from your Fourth of July celebration you'd like to share?

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Close-up of a Bald Eagle

By Mark Kaelin

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