Poll: Are you giving someone a new computer for the holidays?

The TechRepublic Windows Blog member poll question of the week: Are you gifting someone a new computer for the holidays?

When I was growing up, there was one special gift that I wanted more than anything in the world, a Schwinn Stingray Bicycle. Like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, it was the gift from my childhood that defines Christmas for me to this day. I suspect in 2010, there are many young people pining for a new computer, or possibly a mobile computing device, that could be that special holiday gift.

Helping to produce the TechRepublic Geek Gift Guide for 2010, I saw many of these potential gifts and was astounded by how much computing power one can get for so little these days. Certainly a good number of TechRepublic members must be considering computers as potential gifts for their families.

So, the poll questions this week: Are you buying a computer as a gift, and if you are, what computer are you buying? Do you think a computer can be that "one special gift" like my Stingray muscle bike or Ralphie's "Official Red Ryder 200 shot carbine-action range-model air rifle"?

Editor's note: The grammar police have pursued me endlessly for creating a fun word that made the title of this little blog post stand out, so I have relented and changed it to the "real" word -- giving. The grammar police leech the fun out of writing; I hope they are happy.

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