Poll: Are you looking forward to the next generation of CPU-OS combinations?

So far on the operating system front, 2011 has been about major changes in the established combinations of CPU and OS. Are you looking forward to dealing with the changes?

Announcements and press releases from the first two months of 2011 indicate that we are in for some significant changes in long-established CPU/operating system combinations.

Plenty of buzz from the 2011 CES was generated by the combination of the latest NVIDIA Tegra chip set and Android Honeycomb operating system for next-generation tablets and mobile devices.

And not too long after that, Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 will work not only with Intel and AMD processors but with ARM processors too.

All these companies, and a multitude of others, are vying for position in the expanding mobile device, tablet, and notebook space. For the IT professional charged with making purchasing decisions, this is likely going to make life more complicated. Even if one assumes that the increased competition will mean better products available for less cost, there still will be a price to pay in terms of the decision-making process.

So, the poll question for the week is: Are you looking forward to the next generation of CPU/OS combinations? Will the new combinations of chips and operating systems mean greater flexibility or just a greater number of headaches?