Poll: Is your company hiring IT professionals?

Poll: The TechRepublic 2010 IT skills and salary report lists salaries based on several factors, but is your company planning to hire?

The TechRepublic 2010 IT skills and salary report, created in a joint effort by TechRepublic and Global Knowledge, lists salaries in IT by several factors. But the real question is whether companies are actually hiring information technology professionals now or in the near future. There are strong indicators that the general economic trend is toward recovery and growth, but that movement is restrained by a weak job market.

Is that how it feels for you and your company's situation? Is your company planning to hire more staff soon? Since we are blessed with an international membership, another question to consider is the difference between countries. Take the poll and then join the discussion to let us know how you, and perhaps the company you work for, see the current job market. Should we be more optimistic?