Poll: Just how satisfied are you with Windows 7?

The TechRepublic Microsoft Windows Blog polls members on this question: Just how satisfied are you with Windows 7?

With all the bad press Microsoft Windows Vista was getting, early adopters of Windows 7 were taking a leap of faith when upgrading. But according to several reports from Forrester Research, which were brought to my attention by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes in his blog on ZDNet, upgrading to Windows 7 was much more common than past Windows version changes. Some 43% obtained their copy of Windows 7 via upgrade.

According to the Forrester Research study, most of the early Windows 7 adopters are very satisfied with the operating system. I am running Windows 7 on several of my own machines and find it to be very quick and responsive. I cannot remember any significant problems with drivers, hardware connections, mysterious crashes, or any of the myriad other complaints often mentioned when Windows is discussed. I guess that would make me very satisfied.

But what about you?

Are you satisfied with Windows 7? And, if you are, just how satisfied are you? If you are not satisfied, why aren't you? What is missing? What features are you using more than you thought you would?