Poll results: Do you really want a slate or tablet PC?

In January 2010, Mark Kaelin polled TechRepublic members about their thoughts on tablet or slate PCs, here are the results.

In early January, right after the Consumer Electronics Show but before the announcement of the Apple iPad, I asked TechRepublic members if they were interested in purchasing one of the new and improved tablet PCs on display at CES -- "Do You Really Want a Slate or Tablet PC? Really?" My thinking at the time was that the marketplace had pretty much rejected the whole concept of tablet PCs, except for certain niche applications.

Of course, now that Apple has hit the scene with their marketing machine for the iPad, there seems to be more interest than just a mere month ago.

Not surprisingly, what people would like to use their tablet PC for is, well, everything. It will be interesting to see if any manufacturer can actually deliver a device that the marketplace will embrace.


What would/do you use a slate PC for?

Total Votes: 840