Poll Results: Does loving your operating system really make sense?

See how your TechRepublic peers answered this question: Does loving your operating system really make sense?

On September 24, 2010, I asked the readers of the TechRepublic Microsoft Windows Blog this poll question:

Does loving your operating system really make sense?

I asked this poll question after dealing with a multitude of passionate, yet totally inaccurate or irrelevant, arguments against the Microsoft Windows operating system or in favor of an alternative. The depth of conviction, in my opinion, clouds honest judgment and assessment of the operating systems in question. I tried to summarize my thoughts with this paragraph:

The childish nature of these arguments (my dad can beat up your dad, comes to mind) intrigues me. Doesn't being so passionate about an operating system that you find yourself ignoring the facts, ignoring the real pros and cons, ultimately mean that you will be inaccurate in your assessments of merit? Doesn't such passion diminish your professional stature? Doesn't the continued proclamation that this operating system is better because it does "this," when the "this" is either not true or totally irrelevant, mean that eventually you will lose all credibility as an information technology professional?

To me, all of this back and forth is a terrible waste of time. Use the operating system that works best for you and I'll do the same -- loving your operating system so much that you feel compelled to "correct" someone else's decision is just counterproductive. The results show that the majority of IT professionals agree.

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