Quick Tip: Get more Send To choices in Windows Explorer with one keystroke

With one simple keystroke a user can get many more choices for where to send a file when using Windows Explorer.

On occasion, I use the Send To command in the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer. This Microsoft Windows 7 feature comes in handy when you want to send a file to an application without opening the application first. However, the number of choices available in the Send To section of the menu is limited to the number of application shortcuts actually residing in the SendTo folder found deep in the Users section of the operating system.

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More choices

With a simple keystroke you can expand the number of Send To applications available and all without editing the Windows Registry or copying shortcuts into deep, dark areas of the operating system.

Figure A shows what the typical Send To right-click context menu item looks like in Windows Explorer. You get this screen when you right-click a file in Windows Explorer and navigate to the Send To menu item.

Figure A

Typical Windows Explorer Send To selections
Now, this time hold the Shift key down while you right-click a file in Windows Explorer, then navigate to the Send To menu. You should see an expanded list of applications listed as potential Send To locations, as shown in Figure B.

Figure B

An expanded Windows Explorer Send To