Real World: Connecting your computers to your Windows Home Server

A few weeks ago, I started playing around with Windows Home Server. If you haven't seen any of the posts, they are:

I now want to show you how to connect computers on your network to your Windows Home Server (WHS). The Windows Home Server software comes with 3 disks. They are:

  • Windows Home Server Installation DVD
  • Windows Home Server Connector CD
  • Home Computer Restore CD

In order to connect a computer to your Windows Home Server, pop the Windows Home Server Connector CD in the drive and follow the installation Wizard. A Welcome Screen appears in Figure A.

Figure A.

Next, accept the License Agreement (Figure B).

Figure B.

At this point the installation will begin copying files and will prompt you to key the proper Windows Home Server console password (Figure C).

Figure C.

Once the password is entered, WHS joins you to its configuration and configures the computer backup (Figure D).

Figure D.

A Windows Home Server icon is placed in the system tray (Figure E) and will tell you the status of your Windows Home Server. You can right-click  (Figure F) on the icon to backup your computer, access your shared folders (Figure G), and access the Windows Home Server Console as shown in Figure H.

Figure E.

Figure F.

Figure G.

Figure H.

In my next Real World: Windows Home Server, I will give you a quick tour of the interface.