Real World: Windows Home Server Backup and Windows Live OneCare backup do not play nice

A few weeks ago, I started playing around with Windows Home Server. If you haven't seen any of the posts, they are:

In this post, I want to discuss how to fix Windows Live OneCare and Windows Home Server when they both reside on the same machine. If you currently have Windows Live OneCare running on your machine or you install Windows Home Server Connector on your machine, OneCare will automatically detect the presence of Windows Home Server (WHS). When it does, you can open Windows Live OneCare and you will have the following option to take as shown in Figure A.

Figure A.

Simply click the Choose a program button (Figure B) and you can choose your preferred backup program. You could keep both but that would be overkill and you must make sure both backups do not happen at the same time.

Figure B.