Reserve a specific IP address in Windows 2000 Professional

If you use DHCP, your computer's IP address may vary from time to time, along with any Web pages or ftp sites hosted on your Windows 2000 Professional system. Here's how to reserve a consistent address for all your applications.

If you're hosting a Web or ftp site for an intranet on your Windows 2000 Professional computer, you might need to use the same address. That's not a problem if your computer's address is assigned statically, but it can be a problem if you use DHCP, since the DHCP server determines which IP address your computer receives. Even with DHCP, however, you can obtain the same IP address every time, as long as your DHCP has an address reservation for you. A reservation assigns a specific IP address based on the computer's MAC address (physical adapter address).

You can use the IPCONFIG /ALL command to view an adapter's MAC address. With that address in hand, you can set up a reservation on your DHCP server or have the network administrator set it up for you. If you need to do it but aren't that familiar with the DHCP server, follow these steps:

  1. Open the DHCP console from the Administrative Tools folder.
  2. Open the address scope where you need to assign the reservation.
  3. Right-click the Reservations node and choose New Reservation.
  4. Specify a name for the reservation, the IP address to reserve, and the MAC address of the remote client. You can also specify an optional description and specify the type of client that can use the reservation (DHCP, BOOTP, or both).

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