Review: IBackup online backup service

IBackup eliminates the need to use burnable discs or external hard drives for backing up your computer. Matt Nawrocki gives us his review.

Sometimes carrying around an external hard disk can be a pain for backups. IBackup gives you an online disk where you can save your files and, more importantly, you can use it anywhere.

System requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS (iPhone)
  • Cost: Varies depending on level of service; base price $9.95/month
  • More info:

Who's it for?

IBackup is for anyone who wants peace of mind that their data is safe and who desires easy automatic backups without relying on extra equipment or complex software.

What problem does it solve?

IBackup eliminates the need to use burnable discs or external hard drives for backing up your computer. Those solutions are susceptible to bit-rot, physical damage, or theft.

Standout features

  • Easy to use: There's nothing to it. Just log in to the IBackup app with your credentials, select your drives and directories, and press the Backup button. It's really that simple.
  • Supports the iPhone too: IBackup also supports iOS devices and can allow for backups over your WiFi or 3G connections with the same level of ease as the desktop version. IBackup can serve as a nice secondary alternative to iCloud by Apple.
  • Supports differential backups: If you simply change a file here and there and nothing more, IBackup will automatically note the changes and only back up those files instead of doing the whole drive.
  • Backup options for servers: In addition to backing up your local machine, IBackup can also connect to any SQL, MS Exchange, SharePoint, and Oracle server you might have and back those up as well with relative ease.

What's wrong?

  • Slow backup navigation: Using the Backup explorer can be painfully slow over most Internet connections. I have experienced up to ten seconds of lag opening individual directories on the backup volume as IBackup scanned for files. There should be a mode to cache the directory listing locally.
  • The UI has weird glitches: Occasionally, the main window will not draw correctly on the screen, warranting an app restart to get the window elements to refresh properly.
  • Extra plugins system is unnecessary: Backing up any special servers using the special Backup-Restore menu will require the installation of additional advanced plugins. If they are offered for free, why not simply bundle them with the main application?

Competitive products

The bottom line

For a backup system that will cover all the basics handily, IBackup might just fit the bill. It's easy to configure and will give you the peace of mind you desire for all your data safety needs.

By Matthew Nawrocki

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