Skype takes down Microsoft Onecare

I had my first HUGE glitch with Microsoft Onecare. It has been amazing until this point. Lately, I have been really getting into voice over IP (VOIP). I downloaded Skype and bought credits and a voicemail. It should have been activated within a couple of hours. For some reason, it wouldn't activate and I couldn't figure out why. A day or so later, I was playing around with one of my Windows Vista machines and I downloaded and installed Skype. Once I logged into Skype, the status was activated. I was very happy the issue resolved itself.

Later that day, I logged into my Windows XP machine and was flabbergasted when I saw the issue resurfaced, but now I knew I was dealing with some sort of firewall issue. I made sure the proper ports were open for Skype to work with OneCare's firewall but still no go. Several hours later after opening up my whole computer to the Internet, still nothing. I was pretty aggravated at this point as this was a huge issue for me and pretty much drove me batty!

My final course of action was to restore an image of my Windows XP prior to loading Onecare and I reloaded SKYPE and guess what? It worked with NO problems. I then reinstalled Microsoft Onecare and it continued to work from that point on. I guess they have some serious work to do on the firewall side of things......