Stop freaking out about the Windows 8 interface

Based on what has often been very intense and passionate feedback, Microsoft has made a few changes to the Windows 8 Metro Interface.

First, let me reiterate the sentiment of the title: Stop freaking out about the Windows 8 Interface. Windows 8 is not even in beta yet, so fretting over how the interface will eventually look is just not healthy. Take a deep breath, count to ten, calm yourself, and then consider the most recent news about the Windows 8 interface.

In a recent Building Windows 8 Blog (you should follow this blog if you really want to get a handle on what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8), Steven Sinofsky explains how his development team has heard your, sometimes impassioned, complaints about the demise of the Start Menu and the rise of the Start screen. He also explains some of the changes made to the Metro Interface to address your concerns.

If you take a look at the new Windows 8 apps screen, shown in Figure A, you can see that the most current interface will allow you to cluster apps together into categories rather than just alphabetical order as was originally shown in the Developers Build. You can also see that the application icons display in a tighter formation to maximize the use of screen real estate.

Figure A

This is the latest look at the Windows 8 app screen.

I suggest you read the Building Windows 8 Blog post very carefully and in its entirety to understand what the Microsoft development team is thinking and how they are approaching the building of the interface. At this point, there is a significant amount of flexibility in the overall approach, and they are listening to your concerns, so be as descriptive as you can when presenting your ideas.

And for the numerous members who have complained that Microsoft never listens, it appears they actually are listening, just make sure what they hear is worth listening to and provides some direction for them to follow. It is your time to be heard, so make the best of it.

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