Take advantage of limited time SkyDrive loyalty offer from Microsoft

Get a free SkyDrive upgrade to 25GB just by clicking the right link, but don't wait too long.

This story has been showing up all over my social media streams and on several of the websites I track, but I could not leave the news to chance when it comes to readers of the TechRepublic Microsoft Windows Blog. Whether you use Microsoft's SkyDrive on a regular basis or just occasionally, you still have a limited time to upgrade your account to allow access to more free storage space.

Upgrade SkyDrive

SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service. The service itself has been available for a long time, but Microsoft is doubling-down on the service with features and enhancements designed around the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. For mobile devices lake tablets and smartphones, having a common cloud-based storage service can make life much easier.

Microsoft is modifying the terms of SkyDrive so they can have more flexibility in how they manage the service. For most of us, unless we take advantage of this limited time upgrade offer, the free storage on a SkyDrive account will drop from 25GB to 7GB. However, if you take the free upgrade, you can keep the storage limit at the 25GB level. Even if you never use that much storage, it is a deal worth the minimal effort it takes to activate it.

How to upgrade

Here is how Microsoft presents the limited time upgrade offer:

For a limited time, any registered SkyDrive user *who has uploaded files to SkyDrive* as of April 22nd can opt in to keep 25GB of free storage while still getting all of the benefits of the new service.

To opt in to keep the 25GB, go to the SkyDrive site and login. Click the Manage Storage link and then find the link on the page that mentions "Free Upgrade" and click it. That's it - you have upgraded to the 25GB free storage level.

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