TechRepublic members reveal an almost universal dislike of Symantec software

TechRepublic members reveal an almost universal dislike of Symantec software.

Last week, I talked about my growing dissatisfaction with Symantec products and the increasing number of

problems that I’'ve had to fix for consulting customers because of them. I kind

of thought that maybe I was alone in that feeling so I asked you what you

thought. The response was overwhelming. Inside of a week, I had close to 150 responses. Normally

when you produce an opinion expressing like or dislike for a product, you can

expect an even distribution of responses. You’re either the smartest guy on the

planet or your parentage is called into question. It’s not uncommon for me to

be called a Microsoft Shill one week and a Microsoft Basher the next. That’s

just part of the territory, but you just expect a balanced response.

In the case of the Symantec blog, I only counted 2

pro-Symantec responses. That’s a 98.7% disapproval rating. Worse than President

Bush’s and Hillary Clinton’s combined. In almost every other case, TechRepublic

IT Pros all expressed similar problems, frustrations and concerns that I had

posted. In a way, it was relieving and refreshing.

I was also pretty concerned – for Symantec’s sake at least.

I wonder if they have any idea that there is this much outrage out there for

their products? I can’t believe than an organization would be so sold on their

own sales literature that they wouldn’t be aware of these many problems and

this much disdain.

Thinking it only fair, I’ve dropped several emails to

Symantec PR people to find someone I can talk to about these perceptions. I

figured I’d present them an open forum to address the concerns and try to

account for it all. So far, I haven’t heard anything back. When I do, I’ll let

you know.

It also raises another question. Windows XP and Microsoft

products in general have this reputation

of being unstable and unreliable. I wonder how much of that is inherent


Microsoft software itself and how much is caused by ‘utilities’ like

those from

Symantec that are supposed to be fixing problems rather than causing

them? Does Microsoft take the blame for other people’s

shoddy work? I’m beginning to wonder.