The most popular Desktop Wallpaper galleries of 2010

While Windows Blog readers love their performance-enhancing tips, they also rather enjoy a good photo gallery, especially when the subject is outer space.

During the later stages of 2010, I began publishing themed collections of Desktop Wallpaper and featuring them in the Windows Desktop Report newsletter once a week. Since that newsletter is now being sent out twice a week, I thought a little lighter content was appropriate from time to time. The gallery collections turned out to be very popular, with the following five proving to be the most viewed.

NASA images: Desktop wallpaper from outer space

This is also one of my favorites -- nothing helps your life perspective on a tough day like space-based wallpaper.

NASA Images: More desktop wallpaper from the space program

Naturally, the success of the first gallery of NASA images meant we had to follow up with a second round.

NASA spacecraft and aircraft in flight

The last NASA desktop wallpaper for 2010 was produced by Sonja Thompson and concentrated on space flight.

Public domain Windows Desktop wallpaper from U.S. National Parks

This was a collection of desktop wallpaper images I had wanted to put together for some time. I'd like to visit many of these wonderful places someday.

Desktop Wallpaper: The spectacle of underwater photography

Much like space and the NASA galleries, there is a great fascination with that other hard-to-visit firsthand part of the universe -- under the surface of the world's oceans.

Check out all the TechRepublic Photo Galleries listed in this blog post as well as the numerous other galleries we publish each and every week. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. What is your favorite gallery on TechRepublic? What photo gallery subject should we cover?