Three simple steps to providing better customer support

Providing customer support is not a piece of cake. It requires patience along with good communication and people skills to run an efficient support business.

By Jonny Pean

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We all know that we can't perform solely on our own forever; we need help from others from time to time. This fact holds the greatest significance today when technology has pervaded to each and every part of our existence. Today anywhere and everywhere we go, no matter what we do, we are also accompanied by technology either in the form of a phone or a PC or household appliances etc. And time and again we need the assistance of tech support or customer services to deal with problems related to such technology, including such help like Windows 8 IT support for figuring out the latest additional features on a new LED TV.

Better service

Owing to this great demand in the need of customer support many of us have turned to make it our own business, especially since, many small and medium enterprises turn to such independent support providers to aid in their businesses. However, providing customer support is not a piece of cake. It requires much patience along with good communication and people skills to run an efficient support business. So if you are an owner of such an enterprise or are thinking of setting up such a personal business, then the following few points will help you provide excellent service.

1. Patience and listening

These are the two most important qualities required in anyone who has to deal with people on a daily basis, as a core part of her duties. Often someone who needs help can be totally baffled with the product or service they are dealing with; no matter how trivial or repetitive that issue is, a customer care executive must always listen to the issue in its entirety and resolve it as fast as possible, while maintaining an even temper. Further, extra caution must be observed when dealing with a rude or non-cooperative client. After a hard day's work one might get provoked by such customers. But as mentioned already, the support provider needs to maintain her cool and redress the problem as efficiently as possible.

2. Ensure redressing of problem and follow up

Sometimes the same individual can have related problems with a particular item, but these may occur or get reported at different times. In such situations usually the customer is entertained by different support providers, at different times. This can cause unnecessary waste of time and confusion. One easy way out of this problem is to be thorough with an issue. Being a customer support provider you will be well aware of the related problems that can accompany a particular issue, so even if the customer has not discovered it yet, you can enquire about a few essential issues on your own. Also once a particular problem's solution has been provided; follow up on the issue with the customer in concern to see if everything has worked out fine. This not only helps your service from getting continuously interrupted by the same user and the same issue, but it also strengthens the good relations you share with your client.

3. Promise what you can deliver

Often it becomes the tendency of certain freshly established enterprises to make impossible claims and promises, e.g. promising 24-7 support when you do not have facilities and or manpower to back that up. This way you will end up disappointing your client base and thus earn the reputation of being unreliable and impossible. So it is very important for any such service provider to take stock of his business resources and capabilities, before making any service guarantee or promises.


Along with these steps, it is also good practice for any such enterprise to provide certain bonuses to their customers as a token of appreciation e.g. a discount on the present or a future bill. This creates a positive impact on the minds of customers, thus often ensuring of future business.

Author's Bio: Jonny Pean is known for his tech write-ups. Windows 8 IT support is one of his areas of strength.

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