Top 10 Windows articles of 2013

Windows 8 tips about taking screenshots, shutting down, and restoring your hard disk are among the most-read Windows articles in 2013.



It's no surprise that Windows 8 tips and Windows 8.1 installation and upgrade articles are the Windows posts that generated the most reader interest in 2013. Thanks to our Windows contributing writers and readers for your contributions this year.

1. Quick Tip: Take fast screenshots with Windows 8 shortcut

Capturing and saving a screenshot in Windows 8 can be as simple as a basic keyboard shortcut.

2. Quick Tip: Change to a local account in Windows 8.1

Did you end up with a Microsoft live account after updating to 8.1? Here is how to re-establish a local account.

3. Get the ISO you need to create your own Windows 8.1 DVD
Here is the complete procedure for downloading a Windows 8.1 ISO using a Windows 8 product key.

Mark Kaelin highlights what Microsoft had up its sleeve for Windows 8.1.

Greg Shultz shows you how to create a Recovery Drive in Windows 8 for both a flash drive and an optical disk.

Mark Kaelin provides facts about Windows 8.1 Preview.  

Should we use a Local account to sign into Windows 8 or should we use a Microsoft account? Neither choice is wrong; Greg Shultz explains.   

Shut down Windows 8 by just pressing a key on your keyboard, pressing a button on your computer, or closing the lid on your laptop.

Greg Shultz walks you through the entire Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 upgrade procedure using the Windows Store.

Greg Shultz shows you how to use System Image Recovery tool from the Recovery Drive to restore your hard disk.