Windows 7 ships in 2010; got a problem with that?

TechRepublic forums have been actively discussing the "pending" release of Windows 7 even though the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system has not even reached the beta testing stage yet. So the obvious poll question is when do you think it will actually ship?

I am not one to make predictions at the beginning of each New Year; that involves sticking your neck out or going out on a limb or whatever other cliché you'd care to cite. However, I will make a prediction in the hotly debated topic of when Windows 7 will be released to the public. I say fourth quarter 2010.

Now, I really have no basis for that prediction, but from some of the wild predictions I've seen, basis is not necessary, so I think I am safe. But I can tell you it is a gut feeling that Microsoft will want to stretch the beta testing out while at the same time milking as much revenue from Windows XP and Windows Vista as possible.

But I could be wrong. What do you think? Let's see how the TechRepublic members feel in this quick poll. And if you want to expound on your Windows 7 release date predictions, please jump in the discussion thread. Perhaps we can reach a consensus.