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by Synthetic In reply to ----

Now when I'm ready to give up technology in the Big Easy, and move to a dictatorial country that stones women to death and and is a hot bed of Islamic extremism, as well as a launching post for other dictators to by black market nuclear technology, I know the job site to look at. WTF?

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by Synthetic In reply to Excellent

My apologies, please excuse my cynicism, but the human rights record of the Pakistani government, and the Pakistani peoples acceptance leaves me less than, well nice I guess. The service your barking sound good, and is most likely a positive group and program. Go with peace.

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Most UN-Excellent

by BFilmFan In reply to Excellent

His profile states:

"Right now I am CEO of TechnoBird and (, Pakistan's Largest Jobs Website."

My question is is this gentleman suffering neural damage from a medical condition?

Or is he merely extremely stupid?

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Did you look at the site

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Most UN-Excellent

Suggest you do next time you are feeling underpaid.
160 hour month 5am - 2 pm for 11,500 rps, thats a ?100 quid. With such princely sums on offer, you can't understand why they'd want to come over to our places to work.

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by Synthetic In reply to Did you look at the site

And it's not like one can claim job security even on that 100 quid. With so many willing to step up and take ones place. Good call Tony, it nice to see something like this, to help place a little perspective on our own positions.

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Well you can see why outsourcing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Wow.

is so popular can't you. You could employ thousands of the poor b*ggers to replace me, at least one of them is bound to better than me. Think I'll keep stum about that in the next IT strategy meeting though.

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