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By gsbkamath ·
I have a fiber internet connection which terminates and connects to a netgear natting router and the router connects to the switch on which all the computers are connected. At present I have provided the ip address of the netgear router as default gateway to all the computers. Since the number of users increased it has become difficult to trace the activity as the console which I use to control the router doesn?t have many features. For example if I would like to block yahoo for a particular user I cannot. My question is weather I can have double natting or not?

What I mean is that will it work if I have a computer with two lan cards and the natting routers connects to the one lan card and the other lan card connects to the switch and then install software natting like kerio winroute firewall and computers on network will use ip address of that computer as gateway which will have two lan cards so that I can manage the activity of all the users using the software firewall.

My service provider doesn?t allow directly connecting the rj45 utp to the lan card on a computer.

Thank u in advance


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