I have tried two different 92 mm case fans

By bosphorus ·
for the replacement of my Compaq Presario SR5414UK and after installing both of them, I get a "system fan has failed message" despite the fan working, the system cannot recognise it. I believe that this is to do with the computer not allowing below certain rpm (I need a slower one as they are less noisy). I tried a 80 mm fan with 200rpm speed that did not give the same message. Since I upgraded to windows 7, I cannot update the BIOS to see if that made any difference as the current BIOS settings do not allow any changes for fans (nothing about fans or heat at all). The fan that came with the computer is so noisy and it does my head in. I really want to find the way around this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Does your computer shutdown on its own?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to I have tried two diffe ...

With this error message does your computer shutdown on its own?
Try and close down your system for at least 25 to 30 seconds. Start up after this time and see if you still get the error message, if you do then you will need to reseat your heatsink and fan on your processor.
More info here:

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Hello, no it does not

by bosphorus In reply to Does your computer shutdo ...

I get the same message every time so somebody suggested cleaning the CMOS.
thanks for the suggestion

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You've got this all arse over t|t I'm afraid ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have tried two diffe ...

You can't go installing a SLOWER fan just so it won't be as noisy as a faster one - that's not what the fan is there for. The fan's job is to ventilate the PC case, either inducting cold air or exhausting hot air in order to prevent the internal components from frying in the heat.

"I tried a 80 mm fan with 200rpm speed that did not give the same message"

I think you probably mean 2000rpm speed, but again - by reducing the fan size from 92mm to 80mm is hardly going to help. The 80mm fan will have to work HARDER (thus also FASTER) in order to deal with the same volume of air as one with a 92mm span.

If noise is of primary importance to you, have you considered buying a fan designed to run with less noise?

I'd advise you look for a "Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 - Case fan. I've got a 120mm Sharkoon as an exhaust fan, currently running at 2,960rpm and it is virtually silent. Sharkoon produce fans from 40mm to 120mm in size.

The blades are white and look like the surface of a golf ball - the indentations on a golf ball are to make it more aerodynamic - which makes it go further almost silently. The same principle can be applied to fan blades - they can rotate faster with less noise.

*You could also try using a 'mounting kit' for the fan. Basically it's a set of rubber pads that fit between the fan body and the PC case when you screw the fan onto the case, in case it's NOT fan noise you are hearing but vibration instead.

Edit for *

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That is half the problem

by jdclyde In reply to You've got this all arse ...

but for MB's that keep track of the rpm's, don't you need a "smart" fan that talks with the MB? Especially on a server, it wants more than "A" fan, but one that it can monitor to verify it is spinning, and at what speed?

Spot on about NOT going to a "smaller" fan because of noise. If there is a good way to destroy your server, that would be where I would start.

Higher end fans is the key, not smaller one's. I have had to upgrade fans before, because they sounded like a plane was taking off!

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Well caught ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to That is half the problem

I omitted to mention that the Sharkoon fan is thermostatically controlled and varies its rotation according to ambient temperatures. As such it 'has a chat' with the motherboard and the speed of rotation changes almost with each couple of seconds.

When I first fitted it, I had to stick a rolled up cigarette paper into it to make sure it was actually turning - I couldn't hear it at all.

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Your fan might be incorrectly connected ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to You've got this all arse ...

Have you checked and rechecked that you are using the correct mounting point for the fan wiring?

Most motherboards have ancillary fan wiring points that are vacant upon receipt of the computer. These are for extra fans to be connected should the user so wish to do. However, these ancillary connection points are NOT all the same - your ERROR message might be because you've plugged the fan into the wrong connection point.

Just a thought.

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Hi there,

by bosphorus In reply to Your fan might be incorre ...

I connected it to the same point as the previous one and the fan that came with the PC works fine. Somebody suggested to clean the CMOS settings by switching the ports and putting back them again, so I might give that a try. Actually, I'll do anything to get rid of the noisy fan.

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Yes, that's right

by bosphorus In reply to You've got this all arse ...

I meant to say 2000rpm. The thing I failed to mention was I also replaced the PSU, the old one only had a 92mm fan looking outwards but the new one has 120mm fan which looks inside the case thus providing more cooling for the case.
Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate!

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Also, forgot to mention that

by bosphorus In reply to You've got this all arse ...

I did not actually get the 80mm fan for that purpose, I just measured it incorrectly and ended up with a 80mm instead of 92 mm fan.

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