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My XP Hacked?

By Willie Williams ·
my home system started developing problems with explorer. It would tell me that there was a problem with explorer.exe and do I want to submit an error report and close the program. This happend every minute. Then my firewall starts telling me there was an attack. I trace the ip and it is on a microsoft domain and they are attacking the explorer.exe file. Why and how can I fix this. I scanned for inbedded viruses. But I cant' work or do anything because explorer keeps closing. Also my system monitor is showing a roller coaster of activity from 5% to 100% up and down constantly. I already tried to re-install the operating system. I would love to chat with someone in detail abotu this.


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by Tech Teacher In reply to My XP Hacked?

Bro, looks like you are hacked! You might just want to get a new hard drive and start over from scratch. It might help you. Another thing, if you are downloading anything from any of the peer to peer sites, (Kazza, or Grokster) please be very careful when you do that. Make sure you run Norton or McAfee (I use better)every week. If you are on alot, run it every other day. Have a good day.

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Some opinions

by rsanchezp In reply to

A Router that features NAT is the best way to go if you want your network to be protected.

1.Reformat your Hard Drive in NTFS.
2.Windows XP CD may be corrupted. Try to purchase an OEM version.
3. Could be Norton Cleansweep if you had it installed. I had that problem before. If so read to solve the problem.

Can you check your Event Viewer under Application and see the error type.
-Right click on "My Computer" and choose "anage"
-Event Viewer -Application
You should see a red cross if your explorer keeps hanging.

I would be able to help out with more information on the error.

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Blocking Access

by 89710848-ginterv In reply to My XP Hacked?

I would like to see IT professionals who uderstand languages at a deep level (especially those who operate key servers on the Web) take the responsibility for filtering out hacking activity or viruses on the web and then tracking and squashing (prosecuting) those who cost the world billions of dollars of losses trying to stay protected or recovering from successful attacks. Let's wage real war on these terrorists.

In the meantime, my home system uses the Zone Alarm firewall, but more importantly, since I am hooked up to a cable-TV broadband service (which increases vulnerability), I have found the use of an ethernet router interface between the cable modem and my system has significantly reduced activity that the fire wall reports and logs as suspicious.

Communication speed is not affected by the router and more than one computer can be on the cable at the same time, but apparenly a hacker can only "see" the address of the router (which may have no hacking vulnerability) and not the users' system side.

Cost of the ethernet router is much less than days of work to recover from an attack.

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