? netdom.exe use on XP pc?

By mbwmn ·
windows2003srvr std w/sp2 DC running dns (dhcp through linksys router) and winXP sp2 desktops...
i'm getting netlogon event id 5513 errors from 4 desktops. these desktops do not show up in AD computers...can anyone give me more detailed instructions on the exact syntax to use the netdom.exe tool? does this get run @ the server or on the desktop??
domain name:
machine name: cconnolly

i'm assuming that if i bring the desktop into a workgroup and then back into the domain i'll lose the user's profile, and if i log on to the local machine w/ an admin acct the users' profile shows up as "unknown" w/ the "copy to" button grayed out. i can copy the user's profile manually but have never been successful in restoring all the setting when i copy it back in to the desktop.

unfortunately the remaing 4 desktops (there were 6) are associates and own a part of the business! losing these user's profiles and having to remap drives/printers, bring in the Outlook pst is not only time-consuming it makes me the bad guy when the users (owners) have to spend the next few days customizing their pc's again for what they see is no good reason ("it was working fine before, why di you have to f*ck w/ it").

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Remove from AD

by IC-IT In reply to ? netdom.exe use on XP pc ...

You should be able to delete the affected computers from Active Directory and then add them back. This will create a new Trust Relationship between the domain and the computer.
P.S. Un-joining and then re--joining should not affect the User Profiles.

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these boxes don't show up in AD computers...

by mbwmn In reply to Remove from AD

these boxes don't show up in AD computers...

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OK I am a bit

by IC-IT In reply to these boxes don't show up ...

confused (plus I glossed over your saying that before). How are the computers part of the domain if AD doesn't have them.
Won't you have to add the systems to the domain in orde to logon to the domain? Otherwise they are logging on locally and connecting to domain resources.
Sounds almost like someone was doing a little house cleaning and deleted the computers from AD.

Editted to add; You will need to disjoin and rejoin after creating new computer accounts.

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legacy NT4 upgrade?

by mbwmn In reply to OK I am a bit

i suspect this is the result of the previous admin's attempt to upgrade from the previous NT4 domain...
the user's accounts show up in AD, but there are no machine accounts in AD...

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Possible firewall issue.

by bart777 In reply to ? netdom.exe use on XP pc ...

I've seen a problem like this before. Mine was due to the MS firewall. I had to do the workgroup thing too and rejoin to the domain.
I got around the profile problem by setting the users up with a roaming profile pointed to the server. Let it sit for a couple of days so that I knew there no replication problems. Then join the workgroup, change the computer name and rejoin the domain. After that the profile came down just like it was supposed to and the user didn't notice anything. Once you're done with that you can kill the raoming profile and they will never know the difference.

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roaming profile wouldn't work...

by mbwmn In reply to Possible firewall issue.

...these users have accumulated Outlook files of 5-15GB! similar (10+) accumulation of crap in MY Computer.
i think a roaming profile logging on w/ 20+GB would take an hour to become usable.

thanx tho'! think outside the box-

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Outside the box.....

by bart777 In reply to roaming profile wouldn't ...

Sounds like these guys need to do some cleaning. :)

Ok, next thing that you can do...
1- Log in as the administrator and rename their profile.
2- Remove the machine from the domain.
3- Rename and rejoin the machine to the domain.
4- Log in as the administrator.
5- Verify that the user is part of the local admin account
6- Log in as the user with the domain account.
7- Log out and log back in as the domain administrator.
8- Rename the new profile folder to something else.
9- Change the folder name of the old profile to the name that the folder had in step 8.
10- Reboot
11- Log in as the user and all should be well with the world.

I've used this process a few times and have had great success with it. Just make sure that the domain user is a local admin of the PC and you should be all set.

Good luck.

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by mbwmn In reply to ? netdom.exe use on XP pc ...

google is my friend:

this is part of xp support tools (can be d/l'd from M$) and gets installed/run from the if i can only get the syntax correct...

hint:follow all commands w/ "/verbose" to get an answer as to why it's not working...and keep trying...i will...

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