ntvdm .exe consumes 99% cpu load

By pratham_barje2002 ·
Hi, I am running XP Home (actually re-installed a month ago from scratch) and find that if the PC is left unattended for about an hour the ntvdm.exe process starts up and slows everything down as it consumes 99% of CPU load. It never starts on initial boot, only after...

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by Jellimonsta In reply to ntvdm .exe consumes 99% ...

NTDVM is the 16 bit DOS VM used for running old 16 bit (win 95 games and programs). If you do not have a need for this you can disable it.
Click Start> Run
Type: msconfig <hit enter>
Browse to the 'startup' tab and uncheck NTDVM.

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To identify running process

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ntvdm .exe consumes 99% ...

You should install Process Quick Link 2 available here

This places green dots besides the Running Processes in the Task Manager and when you click on the one beside the unknown process it opens a Web Page with a description of what that individual process is and what to look for.


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Also check this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to ntvdm .exe consumes 99% ...

Troubleshooting MS-DOS-based programs in Windows XP

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nt dos virtual machine

by computechdan In reply to ntvdm .exe consumes 99% ...

running away with resources seems like a very common issue with no real resolutions

in addition to what has already been suggested i also suggest u check the system for malware, ect. perhaps u have a 16 bit bug

as a potential workaround u may be able to reduce it's load by adjusting it's priority to low

also i found this that seems to help some workaround this problem

the root of this problem is however a 16bit application that is running in the system

perhaps a screen saver?

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