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Problem with Automatic NT Backup

By kiiru ·
mai have a problem doing a scheduled unattended backup using Windows NT server 4.0
i have created two batch files which are the backup command and the the 'at'command.
the schedule service in services-control panel is set to automatic.
i also have the winAT schedule software which also runs a batch file for backup but does not start automatically.
any ideas or similar experiences out there?
feel free to e-mail any suggestions.

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NT Backup.

by DukeBytes In reply to Problem with Automatic N ...


I am doing the exact same thing - but I use the task scheduler to do it ? not AT or WinAt.

I have had problems with those working in the past under several different situations. The task scheduler seems to work fine. As long as you have the switches right with the ntbackup backup c d etc?. you should be ok.

One quick way to test your batch file is to just run it from a DOS prompt and see if it works. You might have already done that ? and if you did and it does work then its that crappy AT stuff messing you up.

The server has IE 5.01 and SP 6a on it ? not sure what gives the machine the task scheduler software ? but it is probably one of those two things.

If you can?t get or don?t have the task sched stuff ? you might want to try and set the job in WinAt to be interactive with the desktop and schedule it to happen within the next 5 mins and leave yourself logged into the box and see if it works that way. Most of the problems that I have had with AT is because of authentication and not being logged into the machine at the time. This is a big security concern ? but some times to get AT to work ? I had to leave an admin equivalent user logged into the server.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,

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at command

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Problem with Automatic N ...

make sure Task Scheduler service is set StartUp:Automatic. On NT 4.0 SP6a I ran this commands :
at 9:45 /interactive /every:M "c:\AutoBkUp\NetMsg.bat"
at 19:45 /interactive /every:M "c:\AutoBkUp\Mon.bat"
First of them schedules NetMsg.bat to derun every Monday at 9:45. Notice the full path.
Here is Mon.bat:
ntbackup backup x:\MSSQL7data\Backup /a /v /d "x:\MSSQL7data\Backup Monday" /hc:off /t incremental /l "C:\WINNT\BACKUP.LOG"
It appends incremental archive of specified directory with given description. Verify is executed after backup. No hardware compression. See options in NT Help.
In fact I have a few .bat and .txt files that help me with auto backup. Can mail them if you care.

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at command 2

by mrvalko In reply to at command

In previous message my e-mail is missing - session expired while typing the text.

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