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//RANT// by Old Mycroft ...

By OldER Mycroft ·
As I begin this rant it is currently 04:12 local time for me, and my point is simple (as possibly am I).

What are we all ****? What is the point to what we are all doing? Why are we all doing what we are all doing? ... TR is TR and as such it is always filled with folks that have problems & other folks offering possible solutions to those problems. Good! Great!

<What is he talking about? What in **** is his point?>

I'll tell you.

CAN YOU, each of you, DRAW BREATH? ...Yes? ...Then each of you are alive.

That is a fact. That is incontrovertible. You are each and everyone of you on the face of this planet, alive. Otherwise you'd be dead (and not reading this!).

I've just formed my own self-opinionated opinion, that all problems are actually only problems while you are employed to have the problem. Looking at life from the 'bigger picture view' - all problems actually earn you income, and as such should be welcomed because while you've got a problem that others can't solve, you yourself are still employed to fix that problem.

If there was no problem - you'd be out of a job!

Think about it. :)

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I had a roomate that had a cat -- which had kittens.

by The Scummy One In reply to Ah, kitty cats.

and a few of them seemed to like me for some strange reason. If I crashed on the couch, one specific one nestled upon my head, one decided my chest was the best place to be (not the best when it decided to 'soften' my chest first -- with claws. And another seemed to like my feet. I didnt get any good 'catnaps' when they were around.

I have been told that you dont pick a cat for a pet -- they pick you!
luckily they were handed out

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You're right !! If the mog doesn't like you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I had a roomate that had ...

They tend to just go somewhere else and spend their time there

...then come back when you least expect it and wreak chaos upon your person - just to let you know they're back!

Cats will love you - as long as they like you!

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There was one

by The Scummy One In reply to You're right !! If the m ...

that used to follow me around all of the time. Even if I went for a walk or something. It was interesting to see, cause it would stay within 15 feet of me.
If I was doing gardening, it was always around. This was the one that liked to sleep in my hair.

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That is true.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I had a roomate that had ...

Cats pick people, not the other way 'round. If you pick one and it doesn't like you, it will disappear.

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The strange part

by The Scummy One In reply to That is true.

one doesnt need to do anything for said kitten to like/dislike a person. I guess they have a messed up 6th sense or something -- one that tells them who to like/dislike.
At first with the kittens I would shoo them away -- but for those 3 they seemed to try to convince me that they were nice or something. After a while I gave in -- a cats will should not be under-rated :0

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And besides,

by santeewelding In reply to //RANT// by Old Mycroft . ...

The commandment was to think.

Therefore, I can't respond. Guys don't multitask. I can do one or the other, but as you can plainly see, not both at once.

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I'll tell you what... my head hurts after reading this

by CG IT In reply to //RANT// by Old Mycroft . ...

It actually made me think, why the heck to I post on TR at all? Am I that socially constrained or is it that I try to prove to myself that I really do know something when I believe I really don't know anything?

Why do I want to fix other people's problems they have with their computes when I actually don't really like people all that much. Nothing screws things up faster than people.

I am therefore I exist.

Cogito, ergo sum

But if life itself is good and pleasant (...) and if one who sees is conscious that he sees, one who hears that he hears, one who walks that he walks and similarly for all the other human activities there is a faculty that is conscious of their exercise, so that whenever we perceive, we are conscious that we perceive, and whenever we think, we are conscious that we think, and to be conscious that we are perceiving or thinking is to be conscious that we exist... (Nicomachean Ethics, 1170a25 ff.)

It's all Descartes's fault....

and now it's all Old Mycrofts fault...

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