Risk associated with adopting enterprise architecture?

By vermaa ·
Lack of understanding of current systems in terms of availability, reliability and security. Risks associated with creating optimum levels of these system attributes should be considered in the initial stages of EA planning.

How would you suggest an organization "standardize" availability and security? Might there be availability ranges that systems fall into (3-9s, 4-9s, 5-9s, etc) or something else?

For security, would classifying criticality of event help or some other means to incorporate security into EA?

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How about

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Risk associated with ado ...

You do your own Homework?

That way you might stand a small chance of actually learning something. School is easy to cheat at but when you get into the Big Bad World out there it's not so easy and then it is too late to start to learn as you starve long before you can do the work.

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