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- TR Garden Club -- Part 7, Winter 2009

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
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Cleanup and planning issue.

This is a continuation of a discussion started here: (TRGC Part 1)
And continued here: (TRGC Part 2)
Then proceeded to carry on here: (TRGC Part 3)
You can find Part #4 here:
Part #5 can be located here:
Part #6 is here:

Part #6 got huge, so it's looking like time for Part #7.
Whoda thunk it?

So, what did you do in the way of yard and garden cleanup in prep for Spring? What did you have success with this year? What didn't you have success with? What will you change in the way of how you do things next year?

Anybody do any canning?

Some cleanup pics, to get things started. Minor description with each pic in the album.

Happy planning!

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And one of the regular Visitors

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

Penelope Possum

SWMBO is feeding this one Cinnamon Donuts so that she will be Self Marinating and have a lovely taste of Cinnamon. :0

She got this idea from the people down the road who asked her to feed the Crested Pigeons Cinnamon so that they would taste as nice as the Possum that they ate last night.

Col 0:-)

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Overall, I had a very good year

by AV . In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

Most herbs were great, basil not so much. I grew string beans, carrots and tomatoes and more, but we had too much rain and not enough sun to have a huge crop. Still, I managed to have some good veggies. Even potatoes and scallions. It was my first year of using raised beds and they worked out very well, except they are a little unstable.

One bed sits at the top of the driveway and thats ok, but the other one is in the dirt in the yard. It started out level, but I didn't realize that the dirt underneath it would shift because of all the rain. Hubby propped it up, but will it stand up to the weight of winter snow? The beds are 3' off the ground.

I came home one day and hubby had taken all the dirt out of one of the beds. I wasn't too pleased because I had planned to leave the dirt in. Of course, he removed the dirt from the bed that wasn't having problems. X-(

Next year, I don't think I'm going to start seeds inside. I grew carrots, broccoli and beets like that. The seedlings were never that robust after I replanted them. I lost alot. I think it would have been better to just start them in the ground.


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

Cleaned up the leaves in the yard today. Most of them anyway. I wait until the trees have dropped nearly all of them. This year, mowed 'em and scattered the shreds in the garden. Also piled up leaves around my ceramic/clay pots that stay out all winter and added a bunch to the composter. Won't mess with leaves again until Spring.

In blowing leaves out of my azaleas, the wind picked them up and blew a mess of them into yard nazi dood's yard. :^0
He's out every day with the blower and mower. Geez.

We really put a hurtin' on our woodpile. I'm gonna have to call the tree guy to let him know he can drop a couple trees in our driveway if he wants to. Keep me busy and warm all winter.

The temp is dropping outside this afternoon. The fire feels nice. :)

I'm going to study gardening in small spaces over the winter. I want to make better use of the back yard. Garden more intensively. I'm thinking raised beds may be in the picture. I've seen some great plank connectors in a catalog (can't think which one, but a new issue will be here soon so I'll post something when I know). Adjustable, hinged. I think I could pack a lot of plants in raised beds. And I'm tired of making rowhills and mounds.

I need a farm.


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RE: thinking raised beds may be in the picture

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Woof.

No Boxy Hydroponics in the Ceiling are far better. You also get to sell the Crop at a Massive profit if you grow the right thing. Grass/Mary-jew-warna

You don't need to thank me for the help I would do it for anyone.

Col 0:-)

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by AV . In reply to Woof.

My leaf man is coming this week and he's got his work cut out for him. 2 full acres of leaves. My Sugar Maples dropped all of their leaves already at least 2 weeks early cause it has been colder than normal here. I love my leaf man.

What a shame the leaves blew in your yard nazi's yard. ]:) My yard nazis are out every day, mowin' and a blowin', disturbing the peace. They are sick people. They even do it in the dark. Why not wait until the leaves come down and then take care of them?

The raised beds did really well for me. You control the soil and they retain water really well. I tried that Miracle Grow organic soil this year and had great results with it. It was nice and light.

I'd love to have a farm too with a large greenhouse. Maybe my next house.


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Re Posted from Part 6

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

Have you ever wondered what Pigeons do
To prevent Under Wing Odor?

Well have a look here during a light rain

They must be comfortable to lie down so close to people and not to mention cars driving past.


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Oh, now that's interesting.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Re Posted from Part 6

Group scratch? Thanks for those.

(I was gonna give you more flack, but the pictures are cool )

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Looks like a party to me

by AV . In reply to Re Posted from Part 6

My guess is that they probably need a little more than light rain for the under wing problem.


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Some of the more shy visitors.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

Though after today you wouldn't believe it.

This guy stood there while food was thrown down and if anything seemed to say Go Faster and Is That All!

And a Group Shot from about 12 feet

And yes it is raining and has been for a few days now since before Christmas. Oh that is Cinnamon Donut too as they love it.


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by santeewelding In reply to Some of the more shy visi ...

I got me a presentation pack of Knott's Berry Farm in four jams, jellies, and preserves over the holiday. I dare not break into it (though, I know I will), for fear of fainting straight away of sugar-shock, the way them there birds will fall out of the sky.

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