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- TR Garden Club -- Part 7, Winter 2009

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
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Cleanup and planning issue.

This is a continuation of a discussion started here: (TRGC Part 1)
And continued here: (TRGC Part 2)
Then proceeded to carry on here: (TRGC Part 3)
You can find Part #4 here:
Part #5 can be located here:
Part #6 is here:

Part #6 got huge, so it's looking like time for Part #7.
Whoda thunk it?

So, what did you do in the way of yard and garden cleanup in prep for Spring? What did you have success with this year? What didn't you have success with? What will you change in the way of how you do things next year?

Anybody do any canning?

Some cleanup pics, to get things started. Minor description with each pic in the album.

Happy planning!

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I don't blame you

by AV . In reply to The new privacy fence

Maybe you can put the Muscadine there too, though grape vines can get pretty heavy when they fruit. ]:)


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That sounds like a good idea

by AV . In reply to Yesterday

I only have the low-bush blueberries in pots and they just don't produce enough berries. It sounds like a good idea to buy different varieties.

Red muscadine - way to go Boxie. Good luck with that. Blueberries seem to be able to handle the cold, but I'd keep them inside. This winter is sooo cold - everywhere.


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I learned something about raised beds

by AV . In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

Its been so cold here for weeks, about 15 to 25 degrees F.

I planted a fall crop of beets and potatoes, but we had a cold snap and they are now frozen in my raised bed. I used the Miracle-Gro organic mix for containers in the 6x3 bed. It is frozen solid and like chipping away at a rock.

I guess I'm not eating those beets or potatoes anytime soon. Think they would be edible when it thaws?

Regular potting soil doesn't freeze up like that stuff. I'm so happy now that my hubby took it out of the other raised bed and left it empty.


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Well it's now official

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

After much encouragement from Davette I have now officially joined the Ranks of the Yard Nazi's and am proud of this Fact.

After mowing the lawn for the third time in 6 days I'm just about happy with it but that pails to insignificance as I am now telling the neighbors what to do when to do it and when they disobey I do the job for them to discourage them from failing to follow directions again.

Today i mowed the neighbors footpath at Ant Scalping levels because I was peeved off with the mess that has only been cut once int he past 3 months.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it no matter who claims what.

The fact that the entire family is away and several cars have been behaving strangely pulling up outside his house and looking in doesn't count. Or the fact that his SWMBO left the rubbish bins out and didn't take any steps to have the mail box emptied doesn't count. After I caught one of the stopped cars outside his place last night shining a torch into his place I moved the bins after they got emptied and threw all of the Junk Mail into the rubbish. I got my SWMBO to collect his mail and she's looking after it till he returns next Monday. That along with a freshly mown footpath should discourage some unwelcome visitors. I hope

With a bit of luck I'll not be wasting my time talking to Police after a Break In as I don't have enough Spare time to waste doing that. Mowing the footpath today was when I was supposed to be sleeping after working all night and then taking 2 Call Outs for the Day when I was supposed to be sleeping I got home after 17.00 Davette that's 5.00 PM and instead of grabbing a bit of shut eye I mowed his footpath. Maybe if I'm eager tomorrow and I get some sleep after work tonight I'll mow his front yard.

Davette has created a MONSTER and I'm liking it. :^0 :^0

Col ]:)

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Well . . .

by AV . In reply to Well it's now official

Under the circumstances, I think you had to do what you had to do. After that though, I dunno.

You "like" it? Think about what you're saying. You're becoming one of "them". What was Davette thinking?


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HAL is in desperate need

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Well . . .

of refurbishing. Davette is appalled, as she is not at all to blame for the HAL units contrariness.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HAL is in desperate need

Just likes starting Trouble and then sitting back and amusing herself as things unfold.

I'm watching you from now on till you become more of a nuisance that I can tolerate.

Maybe a few hours without Oxygen will teach you a lesson. :^0 :^0

Col 0:-)

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AV, Davette is a Trouble Maker

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well . . .

Perhaps I best open a Air Lock behind her and stop the problem getting any worse. :^0

Not really overly concerned about what the neighborhood does but I must say that it certainly looks better than it did. I was watching a Magpie in his front yard earlier today and it just disappeared into the long grass. Gave SWMBO a hell of a shock when it flew over here to be feed though so maybe it's worth it.

I just bought a new weed yesterday a Sarracenis Phsicinea not sure about the spooling there but I'm sure that that Yank Spool Chocker will certainly spit the dummy it really doesn't like Latin.

Anyway it's quite nice and when I get a bit of free time after going to the quacks today I'll post a picture of it here. Quite nice but I just had to buy it because there are what looks like some Drosera's growing in the pot and I don't have any of those. Of course them being Natives here doesn't hurt either, but in reality they grow like weeds so I'll have to move them to a different pot to prevent them coming up everywhere I don't want them.


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Well as promised to AV my newest weed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

Should look good come next year after it's been grown on a little bit then broken up and repotted.


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Is that the Sarracenis Phsicinea?

by AV . In reply to Well as promised to AV my ...

Thats a really beautiful weed, Hal. My weeds definitely don't look that good.

Have you had good growing weather this season? It was a pretty rough winter in the US. Very snowy.


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