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- TR Garden Club -- Part 7, Winter 2009

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
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Cleanup and planning issue.

This is a continuation of a discussion started here: (TRGC Part 1)
And continued here: (TRGC Part 2)
Then proceeded to carry on here: (TRGC Part 3)
You can find Part #4 here:
Part #5 can be located here:
Part #6 is here:

Part #6 got huge, so it's looking like time for Part #7.
Whoda thunk it?

So, what did you do in the way of yard and garden cleanup in prep for Spring? What did you have success with this year? What didn't you have success with? What will you change in the way of how you do things next year?

Anybody do any canning?

Some cleanup pics, to get things started. Minor description with each pic in the album.

Happy planning!

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Yes AV that is a Sarracenia Psittacina

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is that the Sarracenis Ph ...

I even looked up the correct spelling of it though I'm sure that the Spool Chocker will have a fit with it.

Here is a new weed that I got the other day before the rain started. Apparently we still have water restrictions here because the Dams around Brisbane are only at 80.5% and rising. The QLD Government in an effort to conserve water took over the Water Supply from the Local Councils and created the South East Qld Water Board who introduced Water Restrictions. When they looked at the amount of water being used they suddenly realized that they where not selling enough to stay solvent so they went crying Cap in Hand to the Government and told them that as the people where not using the amount of water that they where they where not getting enough income to remain solvent. The Government thankfully quadrupled the cost of Water and quite nicely said that when the Dam Levels reached 60% or so the water restrictions would be lifted. Not a word about decreasing the cost of water though. Anyway 3 days latter after a lot of rain the Dams combined capacity exceeded the stated Lower Limit and has been rising ever since. The Bureaucrats being ever vigilant have forgotten to remove the Water Restrictions as they see a quite nice little money earner in fining those who do not use less than the amount that they specify. They also are now pushing the fact that if people continue to use the low volume of water they will not need to spend any money on new Water Infrastructure for the next century or so. :^0

I may even be able to keep this one alive if I do nothing more to it.


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Spool Chocker is useless with words like that

by AV . In reply to Yes AV that is a Sarracen ...

It has no suggestions.

Looks like the Government found a cash cow and they ain't lettin' go.

Thats a healthy looking Venus Fly Trap, but I'm kind of surprised that its small. I thought it would be much larger, grown in your environment. I've grown a couple of these in the past and one thing I don't like about them is that they look ugly while they're digesting a bug. Ok. I know thats gross, but they do.

Pitcher plants hide all of that. They always look good.


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Yes it's not overly large but then again

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Spool Chocker is useless ...

I've just bought it. I'm not a great lover of VFT's mainly because I kill them so quickly but this one was just one that looked nice and it's wasn't overly expensive so I bought it for SWMBO.

I just potted it into a 6 inch pot for her and it's her problem now. Hopefully in a month or two I'll have a few new Sundews grown from Seed and Tuber. There are some small ones that I got some seed for and a Westeren AU Winter growing one that dies back in the summer months and flourishes over winter. So with a slight bit of luck both will grow.


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The VFT looked very healthy

by AV . In reply to Yes it's not overly large ...

I'd be in awe if I ever saw one that looked like that here. The ones we have here are a little puny.

You're funny! Give it to SWMBO. It wasn't overly expensive and looks nice. Its her problem now. She probably likes them, and I do too. I just never have any luck either, but I'd like to.

So how does a Westeren AU Winter grow over the winter? I've been looking for any plant that can survive the winter.


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Well the winters in AU near Perth are not overly nasty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The VFT looked very healt ...

There's no snow and here it's wet unlike th summer so it's ideal growing times for less robust plants.

Not one of mine so I had to steal a picture.

As for the VFT SWMBO bought me one years ago which I promptly killed so she bought another one again a Tissue Culture thing that was fresh from the tube. I killed that again and after killing several of them I found out that they where expensive. So I had to work out how to grow them and not kill them. I gave SWMBO that job and stopped the need to file for Bankruptcy. If she couldn't grow them I would have gone broke very quickly with her buying new VFT's every few days.


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this years garden

by half In reply to The VFT looked very healt ...

Well it has been a funny old summer,cold spring then it warmed up real good and the cabbages brocclli and cauli all went to seed. Tomatoes have not been good,due to thne cold start but red/spring onions and celery has gone mad, as has the lettice,and peppers, pumpkins have done well.So now have planted more red onions celery brussel sprouts mini cabbages and leeks.bok choy.
Put our bluey out in the garden every couple of days so she can forage and eat the snails. So all good for the winter, still warm here and not too much rain 20-25c

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I'm finally going to play this year

by ganyssa In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

I've been meaning to do the gardening thing forever, and I'm finally going to do something about it this year. I don't know what I'm doing, but the worst thing that can happen is I play in the dirt.

My church is doing a community garden, so I'm going to have a plot in it. As soon as I figure out what grows in Michigan and when I'm supposed to plant it, I'll be all set :)

Advise would not be turned down, BTW. The only thing that I'm sure grows is tomatoes, and I don't like them unless they're cooked.

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Well there is nothing stopping you cooking the Tomatoes

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm finally going to play ...

But unfortunately they don't grow that way.

As I'm in AU I have no idea what grows in you're part of the world except Concrete. Plant a few seeds of that and it will never require any more attention. Ideal if you ask me. SWMBO is now mowing the yard 3 times a week and 2 of those time the motor in the mower isn't running. I suppose it saves me a lot of money in wasted petrol though. But the neighbors look at her funny. :^0

Anyway enjoy the experience. You'll love it.


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If tomatoes grow

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'm finally going to play ...

peppers should, too. I've seen corn in Minnesota, which isn't too far from Michigan, so I'd think that would also grow. Green beans are luscious fresh out of the ground. They'd grow there, too.

I think you're in US Agricultural Zone 5. Any good, online seed catalog will let you know what zone a thing grows in, how long it takes from planting to harvest.

Gurney's is good, they're also a Northern distributor, located in (I think) Indiana.

I love to garden. E-me anytime. If I can help, I will.

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And, me

by santeewelding In reply to I'm finally going to play ...

I'm a glutton for whatever comes out of a garden. FedEx your surplus.

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