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- TR Garden Club -- Part 7, Winter 2009

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
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Cleanup and planning issue.

This is a continuation of a discussion started here: (TRGC Part 1)
And continued here: (TRGC Part 2)
Then proceeded to carry on here: (TRGC Part 3)
You can find Part #4 here:
Part #5 can be located here:
Part #6 is here:

Part #6 got huge, so it's looking like time for Part #7.
Whoda thunk it?

So, what did you do in the way of yard and garden cleanup in prep for Spring? What did you have success with this year? What didn't you have success with? What will you change in the way of how you do things next year?

Anybody do any canning?

Some cleanup pics, to get things started. Minor description with each pic in the album.

Happy planning!

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I spent today

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

laying some 'stepping stumps', slabs of huge stump cut into 3" think pieces to use as stepping stones. Looks pretty ok fine. I'll see how they wear in over time.

Also today, I butchered the gorgeous climbing rose ( ) that inspired OTR to start the Garden Club way back when. Nit next door has been carving on it, and hosing it lightly with RoundUp for about three years now, and it's suffering badly. X-( As he started putting up a privacy fence, I brought myself to carve the old girl up good and hard. We'll have few flowers this year, but I think she'll come back nicely in a couple years. You wouldn't believe the thorns I pulled out of my head! :0

I also whacked at my lilacs, pruning away the dead. I discovered, much to my horror, that they have borers. Time for a systemic of some kind. Research, research.

Two of the four staghorn sumacs I planted last year are dead. Dimmy next door hosed them, supposedly thinking they were poison sumac. The two that lived are making babies like nuts. Bwahahahaaa!

Haven't planted the garden yet. Got sidetracked by a driveway full of monster oak stumps. That tree had to have been a couple hundred years old. Four to six foot diameter pieces to split... Finished up, finally, last weekend. Probably have a 15' woodpile, three rows deep. Sweet!

I've got broccoli, potatoes, and tomatoes volunteering. This is fine with me. I'll thin them, and cage them, and not bother buying any. The horseradish I put in last year came back thick. Those leaves are good in salad. The blueberries I potted and buried over the winter are coming on strong! Thank you, AV, for the potting idea. Burying them worked great, fyi. I'll pot the ones I brought back from FL in January, and bury all again next winter. The currants are looking good. I think I'll get some more.

This year's 'add' list includes lingonberry. Cowberry, for slang. The birds supposedly love the stuff, and it's edible, with lots of sugar. I'm thinking jelly.

I moved some very young evergreens to the side of the house that is shared with dimmydude. When I finished, I caught him inspecting! Gods, that man needs a life.

Lastly, for now, I planted a forsythia I've had potted for a couple of years, and dug up some wisteria to pot. I'll leave it potted until next Spring. At which point I'll plant it around the oak that hangs over dimmy's driveway. The dried blossoms blowing all over his black trucks will make him nuts. ]:)


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Since it's now Spring 2010

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to - TR Garden Club -- Part ...

I started TRGC Part 8. You can find it here:

Happy Gardening!

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