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1? 2? 3? There Goes Another

By Peter Warren ·
In the world today, on each and every day of each and every year, a child starves to death or dies from hunger related diseases every three seconds. 1... 2? 3? there goes one. 1? 2? 3? and another 1? 2? 3? and another 1... .2? 3? one more???.

And what is the response of our government, the ?Christian values? people in power in America? The silence is deafening isn?t it.

1?2?3? another child 1?2?3? and another. While the ?Christian family values? Republicans plough hundreds of billions to the wealthiest Americans, while they pour hundreds of billions into Iraq, and hundreds more into our war machine, remember - 1? 2 ? 3? there goes another.

While the ?Christian? right fights against birth control, reproductive choice and AIDS vaccines; while it wastes our time and money on futile attempts to outlaw all things sexual outside of marriage between one man and one woman; while it rails against homosexuality and vilifies its opponents, remember - 1? 2? 3? another child gone.

While Republican supporters twist all logic in a vain attempt to be both Christian and free-market capitalists, remember - 1 ? 2 ? 3, another child dies

The farcical tragedy of America?s ?Christian family values? Republicans and ?Christian? right is that they are even less Christian than I am. 1? 2? 3? 1? 2? 3??................... ?????????????????????????????????????.

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Scratch a Religious Extremist. . .

by Peter Warren In reply to Extremism hurts everyone

find a Taliban zealot -- different rhetoric but the same narrow bigotry and intolerance.

Thanks so much for your courageous stand against religious extremism. Whenever they gain the secular power to do so, religious zealots will always try oppressing the rest of us. They never have and never will live up to the laws they claim to believe in. There's always an excuse, some direct communiqu? from the almighty that they use as a loophole for themselves. Alas, they are all too human. However, unlike the rest of us, they can't accept this simple truth and choose to hide behind a cheesecloth of bogus "faith" and self-proclaimed direct knowledge of the god of their choosing.

Live and let live is too dangerous a code for them. They?d have to learn how to live with people as they are, not how they think they should be. They?d have to learn how to deal with the world as it is, not with a tragic fantasy about paradise on earth.

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Religious Zealots is one thing

by jdclyde In reply to Scratch a Religious Extre ...

yet you have taken it upon yourself to openly attack all of Christianity?

Of course, in turn you have insulted the Democrats, by implying that the only people that are christians are Republicans.

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Wrong again jd

by Peter Warren In reply to Religious Zealots is one ...

--yet you have taken it upon yourself to openly attack all of Christianity?--

Wrong again jd. I'm attacking hypocrites who are using Christians to gain and hold political power.

--Of course, in turn you have insulted the Democrats, by implying that the only people that are christians are Republicans.--

No, I'm implying that the Republicans are being led by hypocrites who wear "Christianity" on their sleeves so they can pull it out and show it off whenever they want to fool the real Christians who support them. What I can't understand is why the American Christian community is sitting still for this hijacking of their faith.

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That is NOT what you have been going on about

by jdclyde In reply to Wrong again jd

You are not providing a single arguement of how people "who wear Christianity on their sleeves" are not being Christian.

Every group can only do so much. There are many problems here in America (many caused directly by Democrats policies) that are valid causes.

You have intentionally made it sound that just because ruthless dictators and warlords are restricting food and aid to uneducated people that are making the CHOICE to bring kids into a world of starvation, that it is somehow the job of all Christians to topple the corrupt governments and feed the children of these abusive parents.

I do things for LOCAL charities. Many I know do things to help real people with real needs. Can't help everyone.

There is nothing unChristian about not saving everyone, especially from something that has been going on for generations and had less done to resolve it by the godless Democrats.

This is not a case of a hijacking of faith. Abortion , gays and whatever other cause you may support are all in line with the traditional views of the Church. People growing up don't realize that organized religion is not an ala-cart where you pick and choose which parts you will follow, unless you wish to make your own break away branch. (breakaway religious groups get shot and burned out by Democrats, so I don't recommend it)

If you don't like the established teaching of a religion, then you are not a part of that established religion. Make your own.

Just because you don't LIKE the established teachings, does not make them all wrong. There can not be a conflict betweent the laws of man and the laws of God. Laws of God do not allow you to violate the laws of Man. On the other hand, just because you CAN do something based on the laws of man, does not mean you SHOULD do them.

Anyone that uses causal abortions as birthcontrol is a dispicable human, and should be loathed, but not jailed.

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Be a charitable mule.

by TonytheTiger In reply to That is NOT what you have ...

Pay no attention to those who say you can only safely carry three people on your back. They are all liars! Let everyone on board. 5,6,7 oops! What, your back broke? Too bad. You'll never be able to help anyone ever again. Well I guess those riders will have to find another mule. And don't mind that YOU are now the one starving to death, that's ok. You've had a good life helping others, and though you're useless as political ammunition, at least you can help the (other) vultures and buzzards.

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You only use government as an excuse....

by maxwell edison In reply to 1? 2? 3? There Goes Anoth ... you don't have to address the problem yourself. Why not spend half of your vacation time actually helping others? Why don't you send 10 or 20 percent, or more, of your own income to the causes you deem worthy? Why don't you do both?

Because it's people like you who never lift a finger to help others, but use government's limitations as your excuse.

(Now is the time that you will lie about how much you do and give. But we both know better, don't we?)

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The problem

by TonytheTiger In reply to You only use government a ...

with throwing money at the problem is that it removes the sense of humility that someone who is beholden to others should have. I agree with the "do it yourself" part though. Not only is it more efficient, it reinforces in the recipient the concept that life is part work!

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by Peter Warren In reply to The problem

-- The problem with throwing money at the problem is that it removes the sense of humility that someone who is beholden to others should have. --

Nothing develops ones sense of humility like watching your children die of starvation. If this is the best our ?Christian? leaders have to offer, than what reason is there for anyone to follow the ?decent? rules of our so-called civilization?

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What a relief.

by jmgarvin In reply to Huh?

I was getting concerned that your platitudes weren't ostentatious enough.

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And exactly what kind of person

by jdclyde In reply to Huh?

goes out and HAS kids that they know they can't feed?

No, don't place the blame where it belongs.

There are many charities, that help many people with different issues. Just because you don't feel others are doing enough about something your doing nothing for, does not make everyone else any less Christian or decent.

Instead of making a post to try to make people aware of a situation that needs to be fixed, you have tried to use it as a weapon to beat on a group of people you hate. You disgust me that you would use this to push your political/religious hate.

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